Professional and consumer CAMs ASTON’s new generation

ASTON, renowned for over 15 years on international PCMCIA CAMs’ market, just launched its innovative range of secure CI/CI+ 1.3 professional and consumer CAMs. The range of Secure Professional CAMs offers a high-level performance, especially for descrambling capacities. ASTON professional CAMs can therefore descramble up to 16 channels simultaneously which means the highest descrambling capabilities on the market!

As for the CI+ 1.3 consumer CAMs, ASTON is ahead of the competition. Standard CI+ 1.3 integration offers enhanced possibilities for content security and guaranteed compatibility with all TV screens and CI+ 1.3 receivers on the market. The standard gives operators, in particular, transparent control of their channels lists (operator profile).

Exclusive to ASTON is its patented USB Ready function. It makes CAM upgrading quick and easy, in less than 5 seconds. In addition, it enables consumers to record programmes, watching another simultaneously, by connecting an external hard drive to the CAM.

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New HbbTV and Multi-room platforms

ASTON always designed cutting-edge technological platforms for digital TV reception. The brand-new platforms developed by ASTON integrate HbbTV functionalities and enable Multi-room functions to be easily performed.

ASTON developed the first VIACCESS HbbTV-operational platform, in its most advanced version: the ACS 5.0. Based on MSTAR’s K2 processor, this platform allows use of the new services and HbbTV content offered by an increasing number of operators all over Europe.

Aston also created an exclusive, secured and innovative IP Multi-room solution. Based on a STMicroelectronics platform, the Multi-room solution powered by ASTON makes it possible, with the use of a master receiver connected to the main screen in the house, to receive the various streams on up to three secondary screens. Use of this Multi-room solution is simplicity itself and cost effective, thanks to a major innovation: the secondary receivers operate without a smart card, even while strictly complying with operator security requirements.

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